Monday, 21 April 2014

Vintage glasses

My personal Favourite accessory! They give a perfect edge to an outfit and compliment all dark shades of lipsticks.
Defiantly worth purchasing if you haven't all ready

Chanel Makeup

How perfect would it be to have all this chanel makeup? shame its so expensive, would love to have my hands on all of this!
Who else loves chanel?

Acid wash mom jeans

     Just about go with everything and can be dressed up or dressed down, they're so perfect!
   defiantly need to purchase some soon, what about you?
  Shorts are one of the most needed essentials for summer, but how gorgeous are these ones??

Sunday, 20 April 2014

All Black Everything

 ' Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy-but mysterious. but above all black says this "I don't bother you- you don't bother me" '
    Focusing on the model,
 she's wearing black vintage inspired circled sunglasses. I think this gives a sophisticated edge to the outfit as well as complimenting the red lip stick.
  The statement wedges also proves an up lift because this outfit is styled to be a causal one. I've always believed that heels enhance your body shape; they make the legs look thinner, the waist to be draw in, height to be adjusted and be complimentary to your posture.
  Although the model isn't wearing the hat, I think that vintage hats flatter the hair whatever the length. Vintage styled Hats also look better when the hair is down and messy, it gives a careless but flawless impression.
  The clothes being worn, are very simple and affordable but effective. Skinny jeans are always flattering whatever size you may be. They're also easy to style as they go with about everything. The black jumper is also simple, affordable and effect. It will go with mostly everything too.
  To conclude this outfit, id like to say; its made for all seasons. Weather you need to change the jeans to a black skirt or need to put a jacket on top, its always a good look.

First Blog!!

To try and not get off to a boring start, ill make the small talk and personal information quick.
Im a basic british teenage fashion and beauty inspired blogger. As any other teenager interested in this topic, its always been a life goal to start blogging and make youtube videos.
 As from now, i shall be posting my own fashion ideas, opinions, tips and tutorials, hopefully coming across other bloggers like myself and new people.
 Of course im being more niave about the blogging industry than i should, and full well know that this may take longer than i would like it too. However, in the long run, this may be a chance for me to get involved within something ive always loved and have been inspired to do.
  If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on what to blog or any tips for beginners that will be great!

Thanks alot,
emily x