Sunday, 20 April 2014

All Black Everything

 ' Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy-but mysterious. but above all black says this "I don't bother you- you don't bother me" '
    Focusing on the model,
 she's wearing black vintage inspired circled sunglasses. I think this gives a sophisticated edge to the outfit as well as complimenting the red lip stick.
  The statement wedges also proves an up lift because this outfit is styled to be a causal one. I've always believed that heels enhance your body shape; they make the legs look thinner, the waist to be draw in, height to be adjusted and be complimentary to your posture.
  Although the model isn't wearing the hat, I think that vintage hats flatter the hair whatever the length. Vintage styled Hats also look better when the hair is down and messy, it gives a careless but flawless impression.
  The clothes being worn, are very simple and affordable but effective. Skinny jeans are always flattering whatever size you may be. They're also easy to style as they go with about everything. The black jumper is also simple, affordable and effect. It will go with mostly everything too.
  To conclude this outfit, id like to say; its made for all seasons. Weather you need to change the jeans to a black skirt or need to put a jacket on top, its always a good look.

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